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Monday, 21 November 2011

Resisting Change is the equivalent of resisting living

Yesterday I came across a woman called Elizabeth Lesser. She is the cofounder and senior advisor at the Omega Institute – a mind, body and soul facility.
She said something that stuck with me all day and it was, we all long for change but we resist it at the same time. In order to stop the war that we carry constantly within, we must make friends with the never-ending process of change. Change lubricates our lives. Resisting it clogs our arteries.
I thought about this all day trying to understand why we try to resist the only constant in life – change. If we look around us we can see change in everything – we are different from the person we were ten years ago and sometimes as little as ten minutes before. The trees, the day, the flowers everything around us changes all the time.
Why are we so nervous about breaking out of what is causing us to decay and doing something that resonates with us? Why do we do the same routines every day complaining that we are not stimulated but do nothing about it? Is it because we are afraid of failure, of being judged? If this is the case then we should ignore that because no matter what we do or don’t do there will always be someone who will judge us. So what the heck? We have to come to terms with the fact that the failure is from not starting or completing. It does not come from going for it. Never.
Then I read this quote today from Arianna Huffington who said, “When you expose yourself to the opportunities that scare you, you create something scarce, something others won’t do.”
Break free from your routines. Change it up a bit, Give yourself a chance to be exposed to those opportunities that scare you and see where they take you. I have been challenging myself lots lately and I am happy to say I completed my November writing challenge today. I wrote 50, 658 words in 21 days! And I feel pretty proud of myself for doing so. Now I am exhausted and I am going to take a well deserved break.
Let’s keep challenging ourselves by remaining open to the only constant in our lives – change and see where we end up. Who would have thought I could write a 50,658 word novel in 21 days? I didn’t know I could but I stepped up to the challenge and did it and I feel like I can do anything I set my mind too now. Anything is possible if we stop resisting. And stop being afraid of failure.
Embracing change challenges us and moves us closer to who we are meant to be.

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